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The Door that Spans a Century

1,978 brothers have passed through the door of Butler University’s Lambda Chi Alpha. Each of them carrying their own stories, backgrounds, and memories. Although we are now located at a new address, we recently received the final front door to our new home. Embedded in it is the same piece of stained glass that has been a part of our front door since 1928 at the old house on Sunset Avenue. To the public, this fact will go unnoticed. To our brothers, it will be a constant reminder of the nearly one hundred years of men who have walked through that door; men who returned home from class to a house full of laughter, men whose lives changed, men who celebrated their final days in college, together, as brothers. This door will forever be a passage from our past and to our future, a door that spans a century.

Three of our undergraduate brothers, Zach Rager, Ryan Paul, and Connor Weakland, joined the woodworker in carrying the door to the landing of our new home.

When asked about his experience carrying the door to its new frame, Ryan Paul (AA1930) said, “It symbolizes what Lambda is all about, keeping the traditions and values that hold the brotherhood together.”

Connor Weakland (AA1967) shared a similar experience when helping “I was actually informed of the history as I was carrying it (the door), and to hear that this piece has been a part of the chapter for so long made the door feel just a bit heavier and made me grip it a little tighter. That glass is like the lens through which the old lambda house is able to look into the new. Every living member can now feel like the new house feels a bit more like home.”

As you visit the house in the future and approach the front door, notice this small piece of glass at the center of it all. Think of the lives impacted, the images you would see through that small window, and the memories that will be made within these walls of brotherhood.

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