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A Summer of Endless Experiences

This past summer proved to be exceptionally memorable as it afforded me endless new experiences and enriched my personal and professional growth. My summer began with a study abroad program, "Leadership London," held in the city of London, England. Over the course of a month, this program dove into the different dimensions of leadership, exploring the cultural, historical, and ethical facets pertinent to effective leadership. Our instructional approach involved analyzing case studies in leadership, subsequently visiting sites in London that were associated with these cases.

My time in London was further enriched by visits to several iconic historical and cultural landmarks, including the Tower of London, Shakespeare's Globe, Westminster Abbey, Lloyds of London, and Hampton Court Palace. Personally, the Tower of London was my favorite location, as I had the privilege of viewing the crown jewels and the ceremonial scepter used in the recent coronation. Additionally, the historical armor and knights' exhibit within the White Tower captivated my interest, featuring a comprehensive collection spanning from King Henry VIII's armor to contemporary items gifted to the Royal Military Police.

I had the pleasure of sharing it with four fellow members of Lambda Chi Alpha. Our shared experiences extended beyond the classroom, as we enjoyed meals together and ventured into various explorations. I had the opportunity to embark on two memorable side trips during my stay in London. The first, to St. Andrews, Scotland, stands out as a personal favorite. Accompanied by fellow students Blake von der Lippe and Jackson Procise, we embarked on a 6-hour train journey from London to the esteemed "Home of Golf." The Old Course and its six companion courses left a profound impression, and we explored the small golf shops, frequented renowned pubs like the Jigger Inn and Dunvegan Hotel, and even camped overnight to secure a coveted tee time on the Old Course. Playing this historic course was a dream come true and an unforgettable experience.

My second excursion was to Paris, once again with Blake, where we spent two nights in the City of Light. Despite the touristy atmosphere, we got to see iconic landmarks like the Eiffel Tower and enjoyed the Paris streetside cafes, enjoying croissants, hot chocolate, and other pastries.

The latter part of my summer was spent in Indianapolis, where I completed my internship in institutional asset management at PNC Bank. My internship began with a trip to Pittsburgh for the Summer Intern Summit, during which I had the opportunity to meet my fellow interns, gain valuable insights, and engage in a meaningful service event. Upon my return to Indianapolis, I was immersed in the dynamic world of institutional asset management, where I gathered knowledge about 401(k) management, outsourced chief investment officer services, and fixed income investments. Collaborating with various team members, I deepened my understanding of their roles, offering a comprehensive view of the asset management landscape.

My summer was characterized by a rich tapestry of experiences, spanning international study abroad adventures and a valuable internship opportunity at PNC Bank. It afforded me the privilege of exploring three distinct countries, including the completion of a significant item on my bucket list, and enriched my professional expertise and network within the realm of asset management.

Aaron Neiger


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