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Excitement Towards the Unknown

Thinking about the future is a task that can bring feelings of anxiety, uncertainty, and excitement towards the unknown. Like many peers my age, life for the past 17 years has revolved around one that comes with school and maturing into a young adult. A college diploma marks the end of these years but the beginning of a new chapter. As a senior, this has come with hours of reflection as to what I envision this new chapter to be.

In the symbolic book that is my life, the first chapter regarding my career revolves around Eli Lilly & Co. After a successful internship this summer filled with growth, challenge, and meaningful connections, I will be returning as a Pricing, Reimbursement, and Access (PRA) Associate in July 2024. My internship project stretched my analytical, strategic, and creative abilities; I developed a tool to help with the launch process, a solution my team implemented immediately after my final presentation. It is incredibly rewarding to not only have left behind work I am proud of but also to have learned so much about the pharmaceutical industry, product launches, and Customer Support Programs. I look forward to continuing my journey in healthcare and with the company!

Anyone who has met me knows my love for traveling and participating in adventurous endeavors. I take advantage of every opportunity to explore and plan for the next vacation; this summer was no different. The week of the 4th of July was spent visiting the nation’s capital. Alex Sheikh (AA 1943) and I visited Jack Hudson (AA 1959) and his fiance, Emily Brown, in Washington, D.C., where the two were involved with political internships. One of my favorite moments from the trip is the drive Alex and I made to D.C. from Indianapolis. We decided to drive through the night instead of waiting to leave the following morning. What was an impulsive decision turned into an unforgettable journey. Without Lambda Chi Alpha, I would miss out on such genuine friendships, smiles, and lifelong memories.

After my internship ended in August, I visited my family in Bulgaria. A fun fact about me is that I am originally from there. My parents and I immigrated to the United States when I was two years old. My mom and dad have ensured my younger sister and I remain connected to extended family and the Bulgarian culture despite being raised on the other side of the world. We go to Bulgaria every summer; this part of my identity makes me appreciate the time I share with relatives more since they are so far away. A highlight from this year’s trip was the week we spent at the Black Sea with my aunt’s family!

The time I have spent reflecting has put another aspect of life into focus: the importance of living in the present. Going into my senior year, I am excited to continue leading the Business in Healthcare Club, a student organization I created my sophomore year here at Butler, wrap up my academic requirements, and enjoy the company of my fraternity brothers and friends!

Velin Georgiev

AA 1918

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