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Introducing Charlie, Our Newest Associate Member

Through serving as High Kappa this past year, it has been my privilege to teach and get to know the Associate Members that have made the exciting decision to join Alpha Alpha Zeta. This fall, Charlie Steel joined the chapter as our newest Associate Member. Charlie is currently a sophomore studying Applied Business Technology. Since the time he accepted his bid in mid-October, Charlie has shown himself to be an individual possessing exemplary character and leadership. Additionally, while having been an Associate Member for less than a month, Charlie has already demonstrated strong willingness to grow by running and being elected High Sigma this first week of November. I know I speak on behalf of all undergraduate brothers in saying the chapter excited for Charlie to serve in leadership on High Zeta, bringing strong character and commitment.

Further, it is clear that Charlie is thriving as a new member. In his position, he has unique perspectives and outlook on the chapter, which I had a chance to learn more about through a conversation with his experience thus far.

As a prospective member, Charlie said that what most stood out about the men of Lambda Chi Alpha to him “was the kindness and attention felt” from the brothers. He recalled being a bit nervous ahead of recruitment meetings with brothers, but shares that he was “blown away by how natural the conversations felt,” as well as the positive feelings he came away with from those interactions. Through our conversation, it was evident that our undergraduate brothers, as well as Charlie, were committed to genuine conversations and gaining a deep understanding of who each other is as people throughout the recruitment process.

During his early days as a member of Alpha Alpha Zeta, Charlie has experienced what life is like as a Lambda Chi. He shared that despite not knowing too many of the brothers upon accepting his bid, he courageously chose to live outside of his comfort zone and “be all in on this new journey.” Thus far, Charlie has been challenged to live striving to be his best self, and engaging in each new opportunity that presents itself.

As an Associate Member of this great chapter, Charlie is living the life of a true Lambda Chi - living courageously, opting to take part in new adventures, and demonstrating a desire to excel in leadership as well as academics. As a brother, I am elated that Charlie has chosen to join us and excited to watch as he, as well as this brotherhood, will continue to grow by our close association.

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