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High Alpha Update - Fall 2022

Updated: Jan 26, 2023

Our zeta has just completed its third chapter election cycle since rechartering! As the now outgoing chapter president, I could not be more excited to see what the next high zeta will bring. The sophomores have proven themselves time and time again to be both capable and passionate in chapter affairs, and the light of Lambda Chi Alpha’s brotherhood will surely continue to shine everbright on Butler’s Campus over the next year.

As my time as High Alpha is nearing its close, I wanted to extend my heartfelt thanks to all those alumni who have helped me to succeed, and who continue to show their support of the undergraduates in the fraternity. Over the past year I have been privileged to meet and form relationships with many alumni, and each has had a profound impact on me and my undergraduate experience. I am so grateful for having had the chance to serve the chapter and its alumni for the past year, and am anxiously awaiting what the future holds for my continued involvement as an alumni of Lambda Chi Alpha after May’s graduation ceremony.

In Zax,

Ian Carroll High Alpha AA1909

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