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Ever Growing: Passing the Lamp

A Lambda Chi Alpha film covering the incredible history of the Alpha-Alpha Zeta

What does it take to make a documentary about a fraternity? Three undergraduates, Jackson Procise (AA1924), Jack Hudson (AA1959), and Emily Brown (Class of '24 IU Bloomington), decided to find out. Since September 2022, they have been working hard to document and capture a significant part of the Zeta's history. They interviewed 14 alumni and undergraduate brothers of the fraternity, as well as the beloved house director "Momma" Judy Breeden. This documentary will take you on a journey through the past and present of the Alpha-Alpha Zeta, showing you how it has evolved and adapted over the years. You will hear stories of friendship, growth, and community from the people who lived them. You will also see how the fraternity's values and traditions, such as the passing of the lamp ceremony, have shaped and influenced its members. We hope this documentary will inspire you and make you proud of being part of Lambda Chi Alpha. We also hope it will give you a glimpse of the future of the Alph-Alpha Zeta chapter and its potential. Sit back and enjoy the film!

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