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A Homecoming - Fall 2022

On September 22, Butler University felt more alive than ever, and the Lambda Chi house was no exception. After years of Covid 19 protocol and altered festivities, homecoming was in full swing at Butler University. At 721 Hampton Drive, you could see a house buzzing with energy, swarmed by men, young and old, and glowing with the sight of young families. Each one, connected to Lambda Chi Alpha in one way or another.

Brothers from past generations passed through the propped open door to find a completed home. Although it wasn’t the same physical structure they may have lived in; numerous brothers commented that it still felt like home. You could see alumni faces swell with excitement as they saw the recently completed staircase, the fireplace which resembles the Sunset Avenue house, and the composites that take you on a trip through the generations of Lambda Chi Alpha.

As the day progressed, brothers joined in games of cornhole on the front line, shared stories of their years in the fraternity, and climbed onto the rock to relive old memories and take photos to mark the occasion. It was a special moment as undergraduates helped seasoned alumni climb the rock so they could get a picture. You could see the joy of brotherhood in their eyes. Another moment that stood out was the number of families who came by. Brothers brought their fiances, wives, and children and shared with them the stories of their college years. One set of young parents helped their little boys atop the rock, where their boys took a photo with numerous undergraduates. Hopefully, those same boys will pass through these halls as brothers of Lambda Chi Alpha in the decades to come.

The day was a true homecoming. It was not just about a game or having fun; it was about a feeling that every person who passed through the house felt. Best friends were reunited for the first time in years, mentors and mentees rejoiced in career successes, and love for a common organization was overtly present in every corner of our home. Homecoming this year, despite our new house, felt more like home than ever.

Thank you to everyone who attended our homecoming; we hope to see you and many more brothers next year.

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