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Caden Groves - Alumni Spotlight

Updated: Jan 26, 2023

Our next young alumni spotlight is on Caden Groves (Class of ‘22, AA 1883). Caden made the decision to become a brother of Lambda Chi Alpha during his sophomore year after some convincing conversations with some of the original founding fathers. Although skeptical about the Greek life experience at first, Caden ultimately made the decision to join because he believed he could make strong contributions to re-establishing a prominent house on Butler’s campus. As a member, Caden took on the role of this chapter’s original High Sigma, where he was tasked with drafting the chapter’s first Academic Excellence Plan, finding a Butler faculty advisor (Professor Robert Norris), and establishing a strong academic standard which all members follow. Caden will always treasure the friendships and experiences he had as a brother, from the special brotherhood events such as paintball to “cutting the rug in Nashville at formal.”

Currently, Caden works as a microbiologist contractor within the water microbiology lab for the Indiana Department of Health in Indianapolis, IN. In his lab, Caden performs a variety of assays to identify viruses within water samples through RNA analysis and works as a team lead, training new analysts to use respective lab equipment and protocols. In the future, Caden will be in Utah working towards a masters in wildlife and wildlands conservation and hopes to get a PhD after.

Caden believes he transformed in many ways than one as a brother of Lambda Chi Alpha, as student and as a man. The high standards this chapter holds are what have made Caden the man he is today, and he will continue to live by those standards throughout his life. Caden hopes the current brothers of Alpha Alpha Zeta will continue to live by and preach those same standards to future brothers and has the utmost confidence this chapter will continue to improve beyond what he and the other founding fathers established. Now as a member of the Alumni Association, Caden hopes to stay connected with the brothers he became close to as a member, while also getting to know future brothers and possibly brothers of other chapters, as he will be relocating in the near future.

Good luck in the future Caden, and we hope to see you around!


Jack Paras (AA 1900)

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