Information for Parents

As a current or prospective parent of a Butler student and brother of Alpha-Alpha Zeta, we want you to know that we are committed to providing an outstanding undergraduate experience for your son and believe that what we offer is unequaled on our campus. This commitment extends from the physical environment of the chapter house to opportunities for involvement and personal development; form lots of healthy good times to access to a network of alumni mentors which is the most extensive in the Greek World.  Here are some things that we want you to know about Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity and about our Butler Chapter that we think you will find helpful and informative.

is one of the largest fraternities, recognized as a consistent leader with chapters on nearly 200 campuses across the United States and Canada. The fraternity headquarters are located in Indianapolis with a large, professional, full-time staff that provides leadership, development, and supervision for the fraternity's many programs and activitie--including a large, endowed Educational Foundation that regularly provides undergraduate and graduate scholarships. The fraternity's position of prominence is based on a history of unparalleled growth and many firsts: the first national fraternity to open membership to men from all races, ethnic backgrounds, and religious tradition; the first national fraternity to ban hazing and to replace pledgeship with our Associate Member program, which guarantees every new brother respect, equal treatment, and full access to all of the fraternity's opportunities; the first national fraternity to offer developmentally focused educational programming in values-based leadership and chapter maturation; and the only national fraternity to develop an assessment initiative to evaluate the impact of efficacy of its programs. Lambda Chi Alpha also provides the largest alumni mentoring program in the Greek World to enhance educational and professional opportunities, even after graduation and supports the largest one-day philanthropy event among all fraternities and sororities through its annual North American Food Drive.

Alpha-Alpha Zeta at Butler is housed in a beautiful, Tudor-style chapter house located across from the university's Health and Fitness center near Hinkle Field house and only a block or two from Butler's academic buildings. It houses 55 men in single and double rooms and includes a dining room, study room, two recreation rooms with large screen televisions, pool table, poker table, a wide variety of games and recreational equipment, and two formal living rooms furnished with oriental carpets, leather furniture, original art, and fraternity regalia and artifacts. Visitors and students regularly compliment its beauty and architectural distinction as the finest fraternity house on Butler's campus.

The house was built in the 1920s and has had several major expansions and renovations since then, including a recent addition of alarms and a sprinkler system to ensure fire safety. The chapter dining operations provide two professional chefs to prepare lunch and dinner five days a week along with a 24-hour kitchenette supplied with breakfast items and snacks. Additional meals and banquets are prepared for special occasions. Two maids provide cleaning and housekeeping service Monday through Friday, and our house director, Sheila Patsiner, lives in an apartment in the house to provide 24-hour supervision, encouragement, support, and a "woman's touch" to the chapter environment.

Lambda Chi Alpha has consistently ranked as one of the two least-expensive fraternities on Butler's campus.  The cost of room, board, and social dues is slightly less than the cost of room and board in university housing.  Brothers living in the house may have their expenses billed and paid for through Butler and respective university accounts. Brothers living out of the house in university housing may do the same, while brothers living off campus pay the chapter directly. When new members join the fraternity, meal plans are directly transferred to the chapter. Brothers are expected to eat in the chapter, although exceptions may be made in special circumstances. For the 2008-2009 academic year, new members also have a one-time associate fee of $65 and a one-time initiation fee of $170, which also includes a Lambda Chi Alpha badge.

Alpha-Alpha Zeta has repeatedly won campus and national awards for the scope and quality of its programming. Each semester the chapter presents a wide range of educational activities designed to foster the growth of each brother and to enhance his undergraduate experience.

  • Academic Programs focus on enhanced scholarship and educational competence with workshops on study skills, a comprehensive tutor program, regular meetings with our faculty advisor, an academic performance recognition program, access to local and national scholarships, and a variety of experiences to promote cultural awareness and facility in dealing with our multicultural world.
  • Fraternity education programs utilize Lambda Chi Alpha's True Brother Initiative along with a variety of opportunities developed by the chapter. Programming includes weekly presentations and experimental learning on such topics as: values clarification; communication and leadership skills; self-awareness through reflection and journaling; personal financial planning and management; etiquette; cultural diversity; spirituality and faith; résumé development; exploration of graduate education and careers in numerous professional arenas; health and fitness; and civic responsibility and volunteerism. Brothers may also choose to attend regional and national conferences which provide enriched educational experiences and opportunities for personal growth and development in such areas as group and organizational dynamics; styles of leadership; relationship building, ethic, racial and religious diversity; gender relations; chapter operations and organizational management; and integrity and character. Brothers may also participate in the Joseph Charles mentor program, the largest mentoring network in the world, designed by Lambda Chi Alpha to connect our undergraduate brothers with leading alumni around the world to promote professional opportunities and development and to facilitate internship, summer jobs, graduate education and career exploration and promotion.
  • Special Programs provide varied opportunities for interaction and good times, often in collaboration with sororities and other campus organizations. Recent events have included: ballroom dancing lessons; cookouts and a pig roast; outings to the symphony and art museum with an elaborate dessert buffet; theme parties; a hayride; our annual fraternity formal dance; and our campus-wide Watermelon Bust, which also raises money for our fraternity philanthropy.
  • Volunteerism is a core value and focus for our fraternity and includes many opportunities to support a sense of altruism and community involvement for our brothers. Each brother spends at least 10 hours per semester in directly serving the needs of others, including: regular involvement with Wheeler Mission, serving food to the homeless; tutoring in local schools; and community cleanup and house building through involvement with Rebuilding the Wall--a program similar to Habitat for Humanity. Brothers have been regularly involved in such projects as a fall break trip to Appalachia to help build home and schools, rebuilding projects for the Gulf Coast after Hurricane Katrina, and work with the local Humane Society-- donating more than 10,000 hours of personal volunteer service last year. In addition, Alpha-Alpha conducts two major fund drives for charity each year--Watermelon Bust and our haunted house--to raise funds and food for Lambda Chi Alpha's North American Food Drive, where in the last three years the brothers have collected over 250,000 pounds of food, winning national recognition, and the Teeter-Totter-Thon for Leukemia and Lymphoma, for which the chapter received a 2008 award of distinction from the National Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. 
  • Alumni involvement is a real strength of our Butler chapter with dozens of alumni working with our undergraduates each year to provide collaborative guidance, supervisions and mentoring under the coordination of our alumni adviser, Dr. Elgan Baker. In addition to our faculty adviser, who works especially to facilitate scholarships and academic skills, our Alumni Association Board, our Alumni Advisory Board, and our Young Alumni Board contribute hundreds of hours each year to our operations and programs to ensure excellence, stability, and high standards while serving as models of Lambda Chi Alpha's ideals and lifetime commitment to service and brotherhood.